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Services at Play It Again Sports London

Edge Vantage Skate Sharpening

EDGEvantage offers hockey players, recreational skaters and figure skaters a better sharpening process in order to increase glide and reduce friction.  This in turn decreases a skater's fatigue level, thus offering the skater a competitive advantage.

 We do not want the skater to dig deep into the ice, but to glide more effieciently over the top of it.  Following the EDGEvantage process on every pair of skates allows us to provide the best sharpening possible.  The EGDEvantage process has been used by Play It Again Sports stores across Canada and the USA for many years!

Golf Club Re-Gripping

Is your golf game slipping away?  Or maybe it is just your golf club grips!!  Bring in your clubs and we can review how we can make them feel like new again.

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1314 Huron Street
London, ON N5Y 4V2
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